Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SMS from Shawn Lim.

Wa lau, its has been almost 5 yrs n u r still talkin abt the pass! Cant u let bygone be bygone? Let's not talk abt the unhappy things. Dec i'll go visit u for a wk, then u bring me to hot spring n eat sushi. I treat u eat sashimi la


  1. I just happen to surf around and saw this blog.
    I believe it has been very hard for u having a kid alone and Shawn not been responsible.
    There is not much i could say which could lessen ur pain. But i hope u be strong to bring up ur little girl.

  2. Well if one do something cruel and he will taste of what he cultivated. I'm looking forward to my good future as past is already past. I learn from the mistakes and I'm willing to let go of all the grudges. The best antidote to recover is let go the hatre and live happily.... He's not the only man in this world. I just want him to know that karma will kick him hard!! Without him, Miyuki and I are leading a better life.

  3. Maybe u should completely put shawn behind.
    I think u could blog about the daily life of u and Miyuki. =)
    A complete stop of contact maybe good. He has not part to play in your life anymore.

  4. I've another blog, fyi.